Discover the benefits of 3D BIM models with MAGNET software products

The MAGNET product family provides you with best-of-breed software to help you maintain a professional and efficient BIM process throughout any construction project. Improve design quality, enhance on-site collaboration and achieve significant positive ROI with the help of virtual design and fully digital, model-based workflow. All of our products are easy to use and support open standards, which enables interoperability between the many design solutions and data formats already used in construction and maintenance.

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MAGNET Project – Unique production management for projects

MAGNET Project is a tool for quicker, more realistic and accurate planning as well as for analyzing and visualising the project execution. Earthworks is all about moving material between locations over time, an MAGNET Project gives you tools especially built to maximize efficency for doing just that.

Create realistic and accurate earthwork plans

Graphic visualisations allow you to display complex interacting variable over time in an easily-understood manner. Most importantly, it gives you the tools to better control your project outcomes.

Material quantities, material types, cut and fill locations can be imported from the site to keep the project plan in real-time.

Resource-based planning keeps it real

In MAGNET Project, schedule activities are based on quantities, resources and their production rates. All views are interactive so your project plan can be updated quickly. This gives you full control and possibility to ensure realistic schedules and possible to complete the project on time.

MAGNET Modeler – Convert your 2D data into 3D

MAGNET Modeler is a parametric modeling engine that helps you convert your 2D data into 3D and produce combined, multi-disciplinary BIM models from various input sources. MAGNET Modeler is an extremely useful add-on to your MAGNET Explorer whenever you are dealing with multiple sketches and various data sources!

Easy integration and data import

MAGNET Modeler integrates smoothly to your existing tools such as Autodesk® AutoCAD®, Civil 3D® and Map3D®. You can import data in various formats such as open BIM formats (LandXML, IFC, CityGML) as well as generic CAD and 3D model formats.

Parametric modeling

With MAGNET Modeler you can produce 3D data out of 2D and GIS material. Convert CAD symbols to 3D objects and visualize your models automatically.

MAGNET Explorer - Combine all your BIM models into one

MAGNET Explorer is a stand-alone, easy-to-use BIM model management, design analysis and simulation software suitable for even the most demanding construction projects where multiple design disciplines need to be handled as one.

Multi-disciplinary model management

The work of each stakeholder is simplified with a combined engineered model, clear project structure (Groups) and easy navigation.


Collaboration tools inside the model include topics, topics attributes, commenting, cloud synchronisation and Collaboration Server.

Design analysis

MAGNET Explorer includes a set of functionality for design analysis, such as Object Info, Measurement, Value based clash detection and Sun shadows and sky.

Design simulation

With 5D simulation and Driving Simulation you can review and visualize the design.

Sharing of models

An easy to use export functionality enables the use of your BIM model in different environments. You can publish models with the help of the MAGNET Live model sharing platform or import them to other advanced visualization tools.

MAGNET Live - Share your models effortlessly

MAGNET Live model sharing platform allows you to share your combined BIM models and generic 3D models with an unlimited number of viewers. Publish models for private review, insert comments and control model functionalities.

Easy and quick sharing of BIM models

MAGNET Live helps you publish your models to an unlimited number of viewers as generic 3D models or as more complex combined BIM models. You control all of the model functionality, and there is also a sophisticated comment sharing feature.
MAGNET Live utilizes WebGL technology which enables the viewing of models with any browser. Features such as Model browser, Navigation and Web viewer make sharing quick and easy.

You only pay for publishing. Viewing of published BIM models is completely free!

Try it yourself - Follow these steps:

With the demo package of Modeler and Explorer software, you can feel the ease of converting your 2D data into 3D and combine all your BIM data into one comprehensive 3D model.

1. Download a ZIP file from the link below and install the software
2. Open the software and click on the ‘Get a licence’ link in the upper right corner of the screen

Choose ‘Request Trial License’ and fill in the needed details. Copy the text and send it to us by e-mail to We will send you a licence file by email. Save it on your computer.

3. Activate the trial licence by clicking ‘Activate a licence’ link

Navigate again to the upper right corner of your screen and click ‘Activate a licence’. Search the licence file you saved and click “Activate”.

4. The best way to get started – Book an online meeting with our expert!

We recommend that before starting to explore the demo, you’ll book a 45-minute online meeting with our product specialist. The session is free of charge and helps you get an overview of all of the key functionality in one go. Book an online meeting with the form below.

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