The Helsinki Metro goes West – Case: Länsimetro

Construction of a significant underground extension to the Helsinki Metro line

Länsimetro Oy (owned by the cities of Helsinki and Espoo)


Project management:
Sweco PM

Project timeline:

The Western extension of the Helsinki Metro is about a 17-mile long new subway system built in the Finnish metropolitan area. Viasys VDC helped the customer to ensure that the information gathered during the gigantic construction project can be easily deployed over the 100-year life span of the metro line.

The Western extension of the Helsinki Metro is about a 17-mile (i.e. 28 kilometers) long new subway line from Helsinki to Espoo. It consists of two independent 8.6 mile long rail tunnels that travel underground all the way. In addition to the main rail tunnels, additional 15 vertical tunnels and many service tunnels were built into solid Finnish bedrock. In total 8 new metro stations will serve a continuously growing number of citizens in the Finnish metropolitan area.

Information of the equipment to be installed to the metro stations is stored in the data management system already in the construction phase.

The gigantic construction project is carried out in two phases between 2009-2020. Already the first phase involved the creation of a fully digital maintenance system that stores the as-built data collected during the construction work and helps to manage maintenance and resources after the construction has been completed.

‘The data management system already stores over 200,000 documents and has over 1,000 users. These amounts will significantly increase during the lifetime of the metro line.’

Ulla Valtonen, Life Cycle and Risk Director, Länsimetro Oy

Read more about the project: The brain of the West Metro – a data portal containing over half a million documents

A combined BIM model enables close observation of different technical systems constructed underground.

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