Viasys VDC Explorer 1.7 now released and available for install

Feel free to download the latest 1.7 releases of both Viasys VDC Explorer and the Viasys VDC Design package (incl. both our VDC Explorer & VDC Modeler software products).

Download VDC Explorer:

Download VDC Design (containing both Explorer & Modeler software products):


What’s new – the major updates:

    • VDC Explorer 1.7
      • Improved DWG file import functionality
        You can now import complex 3D model elements like solids and DWG models directly into your VDC Explorer software.
      • Predefined values for topic attributes
        You can now define values for your topic attributes with a dedicated Topic Attributes tool. You can then use these values by selecting them in a drop-down menu in the topic editor view.
      • 3D topic markers
        You can now add a 3D marker for a topic in a model to point out its 3D location. The 3D markers can be coloured based on predefined attribute values and colours. The topic attribute values can be easily changed in a menu that opens up when right clicking your mouse on a 3D marker.
      • Reading of anti-aliasing and other rendering settings
        Anti-aliasing and other rendering settings are now initialized properly from a vdc-explorer.ini file which is located in your template folder in My Documents\Viasys VDC. You can manually edit the file to adjust the default settings.
      • Automated saving of user settings
        Specific user settings such as initial viewpoint, group visibility state, navigation mode, lighting as well as sun and sky location will be preserved when you save and reload project files.
    • VDC Modeler 1.7
      • Added support for importing Novapoint DCM models
        You can now import Novapoint DCM terrain and other surface models in order to use them for model generation or to convert 2D designs into 3D.


Instructions for installation and use

Installation and licensing instructions can be found in the product User Guide:

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