VDC products are now part of a comprehensive MAGNET Software Suite

Topcon releases new edition of MAGNET software suite for optimized workflow.

Topcon Positioning Group announced this week the release of the latest edition of its suite of software solutions — MAGNET® 5. Packed with new features, the release includes upgrades to the MAGNET Field, Office and Enterprise applications designed for advanced performance, third-party integration, and construction planning and oversight capability.

Our VDC Explorer and Modeler software products are now an integral part of the MAGNET Office helping surveyors and engineers to visualize survey data and bring it to life. One of the long-awaited user experience improvements is also a cloud connection to Autodesk BIM 360 and Bentley ProjectWise as well as unlimited project file storage.

“The MAGNET system has long supported third-party construction and survey file types across the software suite, and this update now includes even more integration including filtering and editing capabilities to bring Autodesk and Bentley design files to the office or directly to field software,” says David Ahl, director of software product management at Topcon.

Furthermore, earthworks projects can be optimized by reducing waste and increasing productivity as the planning and oversight capabilities from Topcon industry-leading DynaRoad software have been built in to the new MAGNET Office Mass Haul solution.

For further information, read also: https://www.topconpositioning.com/insights/topcon-releases-new-edition-magnet-software-suite-optimized-workflow

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