Marcus Bäck and Marcus Wiksten

In the front line of infra construction technology

The construction industry is on the verge of a new digital era. The global demand for construction requires the industry to improve its efficiency to levels that current construction processes can’t deliver.

We have a need to narrow the gap in productivity compared to other industries. Breaching the gap will be achieved by process automation through digitalization of the built environment. Among others it will provide the industry with improved workflows, new live collaboration methods and entirely new angles to solve old challenges.

This disruptive change in the construction industry makes work with infra construction professionals even more interesting to our Business Development Director Marcus Bäck and Sales Manager Marcus Wiksten. Backed up with altogether 30 years of experience in the construction field, the two Marcus’ share the passion for finding the best solutions for our customers.

Dare to miss the flight from Las Vegas?

Marcus Bäck has a long history with the newly released MAGNET Project software. He has seen how the customers have been using its previous versions in their daily work and has been helping them adopt new more efficient ways of working on the job site.

Marcus Bäck

Marcus keeps up the team spirit and works to create an open and relaxed atmosphere to everyone making it easier for the project team to solve even the most complex issues. He is always open to new ideas and when it comes to sport, you can dare him to almost anything. In case you find a sport, he hasn´t already tried… In his free time, Marcus likes to spend his time with the family, chopping wood and working in the backyard.

One of the most memorable events during the years is his first big Topcon event which was Conexpo in Las Vegas. “The boy had grown up and left home to explore the world. It was impressive to see how much effort the Topcon team put into the whole week and the positive atmosphere was inspiring”. He got so overwhelmed from the experience that he almost missed the flight back home. But that is probably what Vegas does to every visitor.

Marcus feels that life is for living. “Whatever you do, do it with passion and an open heart”.

Social fisher

Marcus Wiksten joined the new MAGNET team in August and brought with him a huge experience in information system development and passion for making the technology more concrete to everyday working life.

Marcus Wiksten fishingHe enjoys exchanging thoughts with customers, colleagues and other infra construction professionals and knows that sometimes the best ideas come almost by accident. In the same way it is important for all stakeholders in a project look at the big picture from different perspectives to reach the best solutions for the entire project instead of optimizing parts of the project and just moving the problems down the line.

The science and history geek inside him also gets balanced with different sport activities. Marcus enjoys spending time fishing or hiking in nature. We didn´t get the picture of the biggest fish he has caught, because it probably got away before the picture was taken.

Marcus feels that staying optimistic about the future and learning from one’s mistakes makes you a winner. On the way to the finish line, it is to good be proactive and persistent, but also flexible for changes.

“Clever people and surprising truths coming especially from children make me laugh.” Marcus also enjoys stand-up and British comedy to relax in his free time.

Ready to help you

If you need problem solvers with best-of-breed technology to enhance risk management of your construction projects, don’t hesitate to contact either one of them.

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