Enabling Tomorrow’s Connected Infrastructure – GEO|Design+BIM 2018 (Nov 1-2, Amsterdam)

Our autumn is full of interesting events, one being GEO|Design+BIM 2018 to be held in Amsterdam. I am delighted to be one of the keynote speakers and will be discussing BIM technologies in risk management of infrastructure projects.

My keynote speech in a nutshell

During the past few years, the construction industry has been actively focusing on improving productivity with new model-based technology solutions. The proper use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) technologies is known to improve risk management in construction projects with frequently reported benefits such as cost reduction, increased control, significant time savings and minimization of waste throughout the project life cycle.

Virtual design and construction tools, such as our MAGNET software family, help businesses to turn 2D drawings into high-quality constructible 3D models and to eliminate clashes and design defects. BIM compliant software solutions also allow monitoring of the project progress even in 4D and 5D views with project schedule and costs included. Furthermore, software-enabled mass optimization, production of machine control surfaces and the creation of as-built 3D models – supported by UAV surveys, laser scanning and the initial design models – allow project management to review the quality of work.

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