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Improved collaboration with BIM/CIM models – Wisconsin DOT

The construction of the busiest interchange in the state of Wisconsin is on its way.  The work involves an active use of  digital BIM / CIM models which replace inefficient paper-based communication and enable combination of final construction geometry with key information such as dimensions, volumes, coordinates, construction materials and quality requirements. The engineered 3D model  allows the entire project team to see roadway design updates, and smart functionality such as automated clash detection helps both designers and engineers to spot potential clashes.

A model-based workflow in construction – Dronning Eufemia’s street

About 0.5 miles long new street was built in the heart of the city of Oslo with estimated construction costs of $ 100 million. The key to success was a model-based project workflow and a combined BIM model that was actively used by the project owner, designers and contractors.

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