MAGNET team member Olli

Bug fixes, song writing and rowing

Take a sneak peek behind the scenes of the MAGNET software family and get to know our project manager Olli. His story is about music, software development and rowing a boat - with the anchor down.

The new MAGNET team has a long experience in developing construction software. Even though our company name, address and technologies have changed, people remain as the most important asset in delivering comprehensive software solutions for our customers. This post is the first in the series that we wanted to create to introduce our team members and to give you a sneak peek to the stories we have in the team.

13 years of problem-solving

Please meet Olli, our Project Manager for MAGNET earthwork optimizing software that previously was known as DynaRoad. Olli has been coding software in C++ since the year 2005, having started with bug fixes and now taking care of the most demanding support requests. He has moved with the company four times in 13 years. Yet, some things stay the same. Olli rides a bicycle to work every day approximately 25km – even in the winter when the temperature may get below -20°C. And one never sees him distracted by an endlessly beeping smartphone as he refuses to acquire one.

Coding to the customer

Olli has graduated from the Helsinki University of Technology majoring in computer science and was recruited to DynaRoad right after graduating. Now DynaRoad and Viasys VDC, both owned by Topcon Positioning Group, have joined their forces to form the new team of MAGNET software experts.

Olli, what has been the most challenging task for you so far?

The new version of MAGNET Office Mass Haul will be a total rewrite of the software. I have built the mass haul optimization in it, which has been challenging.

Even though Olli is not daily involved with customer support requests, he enjoys helping out when needed and sees incoming support questions as valuable opportunities to see how our software is being used in “real life”.

What kind of features have our customers been using the most?

I have noticed that different map views, for instance, a possibility to see tasks or schedules on a map are among the most popular features in our software. Also import and export possibilities of different file types are found helpful, as our customers are using different software tools in different phases of their projects.

This popular feature is also included in the MAGNET Enterprise cloud service, which enables an integrated connection between Autodesk and Bentley cloud platforms.

Music and rowing still

To be efficient at work one needs to have a way of relaxing in the free time. Olli likes listening to music and producing it by himself. From time to time, the company organizes team building events and a particular incident pops up in Olli´s mind.

We were having a team building event on a summer cottage and rowed a boat in the middle of the night. It was extremely hard, the boat didn’t seem to be moving at all, and we were rowing in turns. Then someone realized that the anchor was down.

Luckily we have a great team here that backs you up, if you struggle with difficult tasks. We find the way to solve the problems together.

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