BOOK YOUR SEAT: A Joint Viasys VDC & DynaRoad User Day – On Thu Nov 30, 2017

Viasys VDC and Topcon are happy to invite the users of their software products to join an afternoon seminar on November 30th in Helsinki. You'll learn about the new product releases and hear tips and tricks that help you get the best out of your software tools! Check out the seminar details and join us!

Seminar details

When: Thursday, November 30th between 12:00 – 22:00
Where: Korjaamo, Töölönkatu 51 a-b, 00250 Helsinki
To whom: users of Viasys VDC and DynaRoad software products (incl. VDC Explorer, VDC Modeler, VDC Live, Virtual Map, DynaRoad)

The seminar is free of charge to our customers and comprises a lunch served at noon as well as a dinner with a programme from 6 pm onwards.

Check out the agenda of the afternoon below and book your seat now! Send an email to saila.sorsa (at) or register via the link below!


Seminar agenda

12:00-13:00 Lunch

Big conference room (Elokuvasali)

Welcoming words by Viasys VDC and Topcon

At The Intersection of Infrastructure and Technology – Our vision of integrated hardware and software to deliver increased efficiency on projects
Andreas Lundbäck, Business Manager Scandinavia, Topcon Positioning Europe

Content Management – Strategy, process and tools in project life cycle and digital asset management
Joel Paananen, Development Manager at Finnish Transportation Agency

Refreshments, coffee and snacks

Pick a track in Finnish or English

Track 1: Elokuvasali (Finnish)

14:30-15:00 Tämä on mahdollista! Kurkistus Viasys VDC -ohjelmistojen tuotekehitykseen
Jarkko Sireeni, tuotepäällikkö, Viasys VDC

15:00-15:30 Tämä on mahdollista! Kurkistus DynaRoad-ohjelmiston tuotekehitykseen
Henry Stenberg, tuotepäällikkö, DynaRoad, Topcon Technology Center Helsinki

15:30-16:00 Näin sujuvoitat infraprojektisi kulkua – Viasys VDC ja DynaRoad ohjelmistojen demoesitys
Jenna Ikonen, Construction Software Specialist, Topcon Technology Center Helsinki
Jarkko Sireeni, Product Manager, Viasys VDC

Track 2: Kulmasali (English)

14:30-15:00 What’s possible! A sneak peek into the DynaRoad product roadmap
Henry Stenberg, Product Manager, DynaRoad, Topcon Technology Center Helsinki

15:00-15:30 What’s possible! A sneak peek into the Viasys VDC product roadmaps
Jarkko Sireeni, Product Manager at Viasys VDC

15:30-16:00 Best practices for streamlining your project – A joint demo of Viasys VDC and DynaRoad products
Niclas Törnroos, Key Account Manager, Topcon Technology Center Helsinki
Raido Puust, Software Specialist, Viasys VDC

Back to the big conference room (Elokuvasali)

Delivering BIM Solutions Within a Smart Partnership Strategy
John Foster, Business Development Manager and ‘the BIM guy to go to’ at Topcon Positioning Europe

16:45-17:10 DynaRoad in the field – Case Roan Wind Farm (Norway)
Frank Syltern, Project leader at Johs. J. Syltern AS

17:15-17:50 DynaRoad in the field – News from projects around the globe
Duncan McCormick, Construction Software Sales Specialist, Topcon Positioning Europe

17:55-18.10 Closing

18:15-21:00 Cocktails & Dinner

Excellent company, music and food with laughs served by Tomi Walamies, one of the top stand up comedians in Finland, and best party vibes guaranteed by a dancehall crew Belle’s BBZ.

22:00-22.30 VIP Access & welcoming drinks at night club Kaarle XII (Helsinki city centre)

A free transportation to the city centre at 21:00

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