What is VDC?

Construction industry is being transformed by virtual design, modeling and simulations. Virtual design and construction (VDC) has shown a whole new potential to restore profitability, simplify construction, help project communication and create whole new ways of working. Viasys VDC is a one-stop solution that achives all these goals when utilized to its fullest. The future of construction belongs to VDC!

Virtual design and construction

Back to profitability

Construction productivity and profitability has been lagging behind other industries. VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) is one of the most effective ways to improve efficiency. Proven results from real-world projects show up to 5 % savings in infrastructure construction costs. Critical success factor has been to utilize VDC tools and processes in best way possible. Methods like multi-disciplinary model management (open data model standards like IFC and LandXML), advanced model analysis, clash detection, 5D-simulation and collaboration are some of the tools to achieve these results. Viasys VDC offers all this in one solution.


Key benefits of VDC

  • Achieve flawless designs and fluent construction process by analyzing model with clash detection and 5D simulation
  • Increase collaboration between engineers and organizations
  • Digitally design and construct project in advance to optimize the actual construction phase
  • Create and manage integrated multi-disciplinary digital models that contain all design disciplines
  • Increase construction productivity and profitability

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