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Viasys VDC is your one-stop solution for unleashing the full potential on Virtual Design and Construction. It provides you with tools for better communication and coordination, resulting in more productive infrastructure projects. Make digital prototypes, communicate design intents to all the stakeholders and avoid conflicts early – without changing your existing design software. Viasys VDC makes your infrastructure projects run smoothly, predictably and profitably.

Get the big picture

As a project owner, you want an easy access to the data you need for decision-making. Not too many details, not too few. You want predictability and value for the money.

Using VDC modeling process you can achieve better collaboration, conflict checking, shorter delivery time of projects and more precise cost estimation. The main reason for this is that you get a better understanding of the costs in an earlier stage of the project, when the decisions have significant impact on the total cost of the whole project.

By having comprehensive information about the entire project life cycle, the VDC approach allows for exploring more design alternatives, including cost effects of the various options. Moreover, the model can also be used as an as-built model for operation and maintenance work, allowing for efficient rehabilitation and maintenance of future infrastructure.

Keep your promises

With Viasys VDC, you can manage risks and costs by verifying digital data deliveries in an easy and efficient way. Decrease unplanned construction costs by eliminating design conflicts by model based process

Manage the whole life cycle

Viasys VDC uses open data model standards for interoperability and future re-usability. This also means less maintenance costs.

Collaborate transparently

Viasys VDC enables seamless model based communication between all stakeholders. The information is accessible via cloud by all the stakeholders like management, site and office over mobile devices and web.

What Viasys VDC can do for you



Viasys VDC imports open data model formats such as LandXML and IFC. For added flexibility, it features multidisciplinary model management and easy exploring of all 3D design data.



With Viasys VDC you can make complex simulations for design analysis. Features include value based clash detection, 5D simulation and driving simulation.



Viasys VDC has cloud-based collaboration features linked to the model. Supported open data model formats enable simple interoperability. It also has tools for professional presentations.

Viasys VDC solution

Viasys VDC solution is a complete suite of tools to implement professional and efficient VDC process. With Viasys VDC solution you can produce errorless designs, ensure fluent construction process and achieve meaningful positive ROI from VDC. It is easy to use and supports open standards. This translates to wide interoperability with many design solutions and data formats used in construction and maintenance.

Viasys VDC comes with full service

Process Process

Viasys VDC is not just another application – it’s a full-blown service that supports your work all the way. From implementation to process optimization, from training to support, we’ll be there for you. No two customers are alike, so we tailor our solution individually for your needs. With Viasys VDC, you are not alone.
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Viasys VDC solution consists of following components and features:

VDC Explorer

VDC Live

VDC Modeler

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