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Viasys VDC Virtual Map 7.2.1 Standalone now released and available for install

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Feel free to download the latest release 7.2.1 of Viasys VDC Virtual Map Standalone:

What’s new – the major updates:

This release contains the following improvements:

    • Viewpoint predefined attribute values
      Viewpoint attributes can have predefined values (configurable in Configure markers –dialog) that can be chosen from a drop down menu in an edit viewpoint dialog.

Quick installation and licensing instructions

    • Make sure to uninstall previous versions before installing the new release. Your existing licence and user settings will be preserved.
    • Download and save the above ZIP file to your local hard drive. Unzip the ZIP package and run the setup.exe file.

Note that a Novapoint installation bundled version of this update will be released by Trimble according to its Novapoint release schedule. Please contact Trimble for more information on the release schedule.

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